Understanding Condo Maintenance Fees

Oftentimes, buyer’s find great condos in prime locations at reasonable prices, but the maintenance fees leave them debating. Buyer’s often see maintenance fees as a burden while living in condos. Though, these buyers must fully understand the costs/expenses associated with maintenance fees; gym membership, lockers, roofing, security and maintenance, water, gas, electricity, and cable. Oftentimes […]

Applying for a Mortgage Pre-Approvals

With Pre-Approvals, the buyer applies for the mortgage and receives a commitment from the lender prior to finding the property. Assuming the property of interest is within or less than the amount you are pre-approved for, the seller quickly knows that you are a serious buyer for the property. Knowing how much you can afford […]

Maximizing your outdoor living space

After a grueling winter there is nothing we all want more than to enjoy the beautiful summer weather in our outdoor living space. Having such outdoor space is an amazing benefit of owning a property, especially during the summer time. Despite the great potential of an amazing outdoor space many people simply do not put […]

Three Key factors when selling your house

There is an art associated with selling your property for the highest amount possible. Adequate and professional preparation of the property will affect the selling price. Below you will find four factors that will affect the overall selling price of your property. Competitively pricing your property Sellers always look to maximize the selling price of […]

Topics to consider when becoming a Landlord

Generally, it is a positive financial move to purchase a home that will be leased out to tenants which can be a strong source of  passive income. Before making such investment it is extremely important to grasp a strong understanding of what exactly you will be getting yourself into. Landlords spend their time collecting their […]